Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fishing trip on Memorial Day weekend with my buddy Mitch....this is Mitch's first ever fish and his first ever fishing trip. He caught four fish - two sunfish (one pictured here) and two smallmouth bass. I didn't have as much luck as Mitch today, but we are glad he had a good first day of fishing!!!
Liam, Me and Mitch!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Columbia River Gorge, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood in one shot from above....thos was on our approach to Portland, Oregon...Incredible!!! Posted by Picasa
View of unknown river in Sandy, Oregon... a seemingly very cool rural town... Posted by Picasa
Unknown river in Sandy, Oregon... Posted by Picasa
Mt. Hood area the evening... Posted by Picasa
A wonderful view of the high elevation mountains around Mt. Hood... Posted by Picasa
This trail leads to the median stone for the Pacific Northwest. There is a stone that is the focal point of where the Pacific Northwest was divided into quadrants and all the way from these quadrants into districts and then was pretty cool... Posted by Picasa
Stick collecting...I made stilts out of my sticks....but they broke... Posted by Picasa
Liam and I collecting sticks on the trail in Oregin...Dad wouldn't let us take the sticks home... Posted by Picasa
Mom, Liam and I on top of the Tram station in Portland, Oregon... Posted by Picasa
Portland Tram from below.... Posted by Picasa
Aaagh!!! Mt. Hood... Posted by Picasa
Mt. Hood from Portand... Posted by Picasa
Alethal view from the top of the Portland is really high up there and Dad is frantic... Posted by Picasa
Do I look frightened? ...well I am not it is actually Dad who is scared out of his wits.... Posted by Picasa
A nice view from the Portland Tram... Posted by Picasa
View of highways and Portland from Tram... Posted by Picasa
A rare whole family picture inside the Portland Tram.... Posted by Picasa
Liam giving Eugene eugene the Pioneer Man a bite of his chicken pita sandwich.... Posted by Picasa
Eugene the pioneer man whispered sweet nothings into my ear... Posted by Picasa
Liam digging for treasure...yes, he was sure he was going to find a buried sword in the sand and ship it home to Minnesota through the post office. Unfortunatly, he did not find a sword...but it was cute watching him search.... Posted by Picasa
Mom, Liam and I on the beach... Posted by Picasa
The amzingly beautiful Oregon Coast.... Posted by Picasa
California sea lions on a buoy... Posted by Picasa
Liam enjoying the boat ride... Posted by Picasa